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Exhibitions in Paris

The Inca and the conquistador

Plunge into the history of the conquest of the Inca Empire with a comparison of Andean and Spanish views. Exotic and captivating!

The Toilet – the birth of intimacy

For the first time, the Marmottan museum is dedicating an exhibition to the topic of the toilet, the birth of intimacy and the rituals of cleanliness.

Tintin and Milou

Tintin is returning to Paris! That "musée en herbe" dedicates almost a year to the reporter and his illustrator Hergé.

Festivals and Shows

Paris hip-hop

The Paris Hip Hop festival is celebrating its tenth edition with a rich programme which will feature all disciplines of this urban movement.

The feast of the Lodges

The 363rd edition of the feast of the Lodges is opening its doors to the heart of the Saint-Germain-en-Laye forest.

Electronic Siestas

Once again this year, the audio archives of Quai-Branly are made available to musicians for exceptional open air concerts.


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